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  • Karim Gamil

The Puppet Master

We look to you

In search of our hopes

And call your name

In reminiscence of your gaze

Those who witness

The hand of the puppet master

Remain in silence deterred

And those who speak

The words of her message

Are humbled by revelation

Recite to us

The words of your desires

O puppet master

You mover of strings

Reveal to us

The workings of your craft

And disclose the memories

of your timeless threads

Speak to us

In the language of your fates

That govern the

Movements of the wind

O puppet master

You mover of strings

Why did you deny us

the breath of life?

O puppet master

You bearer of rings

Why did you grant us

the gift of presence?

I look to you

My fellow puppet

And wonder

If your heart is wooden like mine

I look to you

You puppet master

And by your hands

We become divine


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